Why would you benefit from this training?

What is this training and who is it for?


The concepts presented in this Dignified Support Systems (DSS) program are focused on natural and intuitive communication principals. The benefit of this program would be to have a more articulate understanding of the factors that motivate and drive client behavior. Applying the concepts of this program in a practical context will result in Direct Support Staff reporting less behavioral issues and clients reporting greater satisfaction in Direct Support Service. DSS reinforces the fact that effective teamwork and accurate client advocacy are the primary forms of prevention in any successful behavior management strategy. DSS educates Direct Support Staff on concepts including: How to successfully deliver quality direct support services, how to effectively manage escalating behavior, and how to safely and effectively work through challenging behavioral situations.


The DSS philosophy revolves around ongoing training and enhancing our ability to effectively perceive and interpret behavioral communication. DSS does not provide physical intervention techniques. DSS provides techniques on how to avoid needing physical intervention. Addressing concepts like Recognition, the Economy of Behavior, and Effective Communication instills a solid foundation for the understanding of communication variances experienced in the Developmental Disabilities field. Addressing concepts like Behavior Management, De-escalation, and the Nature of Violence provides insight on successfully preventing and safely working through severe challenging behavior.


The Demographic for Dignified Support Systems is the Developmental Disabilities Direct Support Staff, those who supervise them, and anyone who may have direct contact with diagnosed individuals or those who wish to further their understanding of working with Developmental Disabilities. Dignified Support Systems is one of the most comprehensive and articulate programs in the field today dedicated specifically to the Direct Support Position. DSS focuses on providing practical and useful information and knowledge to individuals who work directly with diagnosed individuals and/or similar individuals who display challenging behavior.


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